Vacation Leave Change

The University of Nebraska has limited the accrual of vacation leave, based on a cap of 280 hours, since 2007. As the system currently records vacation accrual, if your vacation balance is less than 280 hours you receive a full month’s vacation accrual; typically 16 hours for many employees. This allowed those with balances less than 280 hours to earn a full accrual and actually reach a leave balance greater than the 280 hours allowed by University policy.

Effective with the month of July 2013, system changes are being implemented that will correct this situation and will not allow an accumulated balance of greater than 280 hours. This means that if your balance is 278 hours, you will now earn 2 additional hours, not 16.

WageWorks takes over FSA plan

Recently we announced that WageWorks will be the new administrator for the University of Nebraska’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plan beginning June 5, 2013. We are excited about the new features of the program and the opportunity to provide you with improved benefits. Below you will find important information about the upcoming changes to your FSA plan.

 To view information presented in the online meeting on May 23, please click here
To view information presented during the Q & A session on May 29, please click here

Claims Hold Period

Sign Up for UNL Alerts

Sign up for UNL Alert.  UNL Alert is a mass notification system that provides early notification during campus related emergencies.  A text or e-mail message is sent to the device and address you designate.  To sign up for UNL Alert or learn more about UNL Alert  please refer to:

New Youth Activity Safety Policy

UNL has a strong interest in protecting the safety of youth on our campus; therefore, the campus is implementing a Youth Activity Safety Policy in order to provide a safe, educational and enjoyable activity/program experience for all participants. This policy provides minimum specific guidelines for activities sponsored by the university and for activities sponsored by other organizations, but held on UNL’s campus. UNL units may on their own adopt policies that are stricter than the policies listed in this document. If non-UNL activities cannot meet these guidelines, prior written approval from the UNL Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance is needed. UNL reserves the right to discontinue an activity if found to be in violation of these policies.


Total Compensation Statement added in ESS

A Total Compensation Statement has been added in Firefly under Payment.

The statement is a comprehensive overview of your earnings and benefits. The purpose of the statement is to help employees better understand the value of the benefits program.

For FAQs, log into Firefly to view the News item Total Compensation Statement added in ESS

Inclement Weather Policy

At the discretion of the chancellor, employees (except those required for campus operations) may be granted administrative leave for inclement weather.

Even when the chancellor has granted administrative leave to most employees because of inclement weather, some employees because of the nature of their jobs, will be required to report to work. Departments are responsible for designating these employees and for notifying them ahead of time.

Policy on inclement weather announcement

Policy on inclement weather pay/leave and payroll procedures

E-Verify: Frequently Asked Questions

Effective October 1, 2009, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will conduct employment verification on all new hires through E-Verify in compliance with Nebraska state law LB 403. E-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in partnership with the Social Security Administration. E-Verify is used by employers to verify employment eligibility of new hires.

Is E-Verify required?

Effective October 1, 2009, E-Verification is required for all new hires at UNL.

There are often acronyms associated with E-verify. What do acronyms such as DHS and SSA mean?

Acronyms often associated with E-Verify include:

Walgreens' Participation in the CVS Caremark Network Continues

New Information as of June 22, 2010:

CVS Caremark and Walgreens have announced that an agreement has been reached that will provide Walgreens' continued participation in the CVS Caremark national pharmacy network. This means employees and plan members may continue to obtain prescriptions at Walgreens and other pharmacies participating in the CVS Caremark national network. The CVS Caremark network includes more than 64,000 retail pharmacies, including numerous chain and independent pharmacies. As long as you fill your prescription at a network pharmacy, including Walgreens, your regular copayment will not change.

New Office Location for Employment and Benefits

To enhance operating efficiency, the UNL Human Resources Employment Office has moved to Room 407 of Canfield Administration Building and the UNL Human Resources Benefits Office has moved to Room 32 of Canfield Administration Building.

While the main office telephone number for both offices is now 472-3101, previous main office phone numbers will be rerouted to the new number until further notice. All staff direct lines remain the same.

Following please find a complete listing of each office's contact information:

Employment Office
407 Canfield Administration
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0438

Campus Mailing Address
407 ADMS (0438)

Main Telephone Line and TDD
(402) 472-3101

Fax Number
(402) 472-9040

Employment Job Line
(402) 472-2303