The purpose of a 360 degree assessment is to learn and grow as a leader.  All assessments are taken on-line using a vendor data base and reporting system.  Vendors typically charge between $100 and $350 per assessment.  There is no charge for UNL’s Organization Director to interpret the assessment.  All assessments are confidential and are the property of the person receiving the assessment.  Participants typically choose 12 to 15 raters willing to give feedback to the participant. Raters are typically from various levels of the university – Supervisor, superior, peer, direct report or OTHER categories. 360 assessments are not used for performance management, recruitment or placement.

Center for Creative Leadership Suite of assessment instruments:

  1. 360 by Design.  Approximately 90 items (assessment questions).  Assesses competencies critical for success and potential flaws. Choose the competencies and derailment factors that represent your organization’s needs.
    Audience: Any level of manager or executive
  2. Benchmarks.  130 items.  Assess leadership behaviors critical for success and potential flaws that can derail a career.  Choose 12 to 15 raters.
    Audience: Middle to senior level managers and executives with at least three years of managerial experience.
  3. Prospector.  48 items.  Assesses the ability to learn from experience and the willingness to take advantage of growth opportunities.
    Audience: High potentials, individual contributors and managers with global responsibilities.
  4. Skillscope.  98 items.  Assesses job related competencies essential for managerial success.
    Audience: Supervisors and managers; can be used with individual contributors
  5. Global6. 42 items.  Assess others’ expectation of outstanding leadership and how aligned the leader is with those expectations.  Measure six global leadership dimensions.
    Audience: Leaders who work with colleagues from different part of the world or who have increasing global responsibilities.
  6. Team and Organizational Assessments
    1. KEYS to Creativity and Innovation (for work groups, divisions and organizations).  Individuals assess the climate for creativity and innovation that exists in a work group, college or organization. 
    2. Leadership Gap Indicator (Individuals assess the importance of your organizations’ leadership competencies now and in the future, along with the ability of their peer groups to perform them.
  7. Self-Assessment WorkLife Indicator. 22 items. Provides the information and tools individuals need to move forward toward a more productive and sustainable way of managing boundaries between work and family.  The fee for this assessment is $30.
    Audience: Any level

ASSESS Systems - Assess 360 Feedback Assessments

The Assess Systems 360 Feedback Models are based on competencies needed for leaderships on various levels of the organization.  A product of the Assess Systems (Bigby, Havis and Associates), each participant receives a report on up to 14 leadership competencies.  Following the on-line assessment, there is an action planning component and extensive learning and development suggestions to address the individual’s unique competency ratings.  Many of the learning and development suggestions can be accessed on-line.  Each participant meets individually with the OD Director to receive their results and develop a customized action plan. 

In addition, OD has developed an 8 month leadership development program to work through development suggestions based on the results of an individual’s 360 Assess.  In this program, small peer groups meet on a regular basis with the OD director to explore leadership competencies and develop specific “challenge” areas.

There are three levels of Assess 360:

  1. Leading Leaders Assess 360 – For an Administrator, Dean or Director of a college or large unit. 
  2. Leading Others Assess 360 – For a manager or supervisor.
  3. Individual Contributor Assess 360 – For a high potential individual who does not supervise or supervises minimally.


For more information on 360 Assessment, please contact Nancy F. Myers, Ph.D. at or (402) 472-8033