Human Resources COVID-19 Updates:
Our Response How to Keep Working & Stay Safe Self-Care

Activities to Help Reduce Anxiety During the Pandemic

Browse mindfulness and meditation resources to try 
Work on personal development through journaling  
Browse new healthy recipes 
Plan your meals 
Do the 7 Day Happiness Challenge from Action for Happiness 
Watch free online documentaries 
Watch comedy  
Play on a trivia or games app 
Learn some basic yoga poses - we recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube 
Learn calligraphy or hand-lettering 
Learn how to play a musical instrument  
Read a biography about someone who inspires you 
Do some mindful coloring – look for free mindful coloring sheets 
Rediscover old music you liked when you were a teenager 
Watch a live stream theatre show from The National Theatre
Watch a live opera stream from The Metropolitan Opera
Watch a live stream performance from the Lied Center for Performing Arts
Make a list of things to save up for 
Have a relaxing DIY foot soak   
Do a free online nutrition course  
Start a blog  
Download Bumble BFF and chat to new people in your area 
Reorganize or redecorate your living space  
Do a jigsaw puzzle  
Make a list of goals for the year 
Find a new podcast to listen to  
Update your resume  
Make a list of books you want to read this year 
Search Pinterest for craft or DIY project ideas
Search Pinterest for family bonding ideas  
Search Pinterest for indoor kids activities 
Download Reddit and browse uplifting content  
Do a free online drawing class  
Search Facebook for local groups with volunteering opportunities  
Arrange to catch up with someone over video chat   
Explore new music  
Do a workout video  
Brainstorm ways to save more money  
Learn furniture building  
Make a life experiences bucket list  
Get a 30 day free trial of Audible and listen to an audiobook  
Do a free online coding course  
Build your Mental Wellbeing Toolkit  
Use Jackbox Games to play games with friends 
Join an online book club  
Start learning a new language  
Do the 4-week Best Possible Self Exercise, an evidence-based intervention for improving wellbeing  
Plan some thoughtful birthday or Christmas gifts  
Research activities for your elderly relatives  
Start a side project to earn extra money  
Browse free online courses  
Write a poem or short story  
Make a cookbook of your favorite recipes  
Make a list of things you’re looking forward to when the pandemic is over  
Watch TED Talks  
Use the Netflix Party extension to watch Netflix with your friends online  
Do a home improvement project  
Do some gardening  
Make a list of topics you’re curious about and research them online  
Do a spring clean 
Learn knitting, cross-stitch or embroidery  
Find a new board game to play  
Do exercise song videos with your kids   
Start a dream journal 
Do some baking  
Feel more connected by finding a pen pal  
Explore ideas for camping in your backyard 
Try to make someone else happy