Criminal History Disclosure

The Nebraska Legislative Bill LB 907, effective July 2014, prescribes when a public employer may review and access the criminal history background of an applicant. The criminal history background of an applicant now may only be reviewed once you have determined that an applicant meets minimum employment qualifications.

Pursuant to LB 907, UNL is generally prohibited from asking about criminal background until minimum eligibility requirements have been met. This includes all non-faculty positions. The changes include:

  • UNL will no longer ask about an applicant’s criminal history background when the applicant submits his/her application to UNL.
  • The criminal history background section (inquiring about an applicant’s felonies, misdemeanors and infractions) on the UNL employment application will be removed effective July 1, 2014 from our electronic applicant tracking and processing system (PeopleAdmin).
  • If you have additional internal applications (for student, on-call and temporary applicants), please remove the criminal history background section effective July 1, 2014.)

For all non-faculty positions UNL departments must follow the procedure outlined below:

The criminal history background disclosure form is sent to all Applicants at one of the following stages in the hiring process:
  1. to only those applicants who have met the minimum qualifications or
  2. to only those applicants selected for telephone interviews (preliminary short list) or
  3. to only applicants on the approved short-list

For non-faculty positions the final offer should always be made contingent on the applicant successfully completing a criminal history background check through UNL Human Resources.

The criminal history disclosure form to be used is attached. A copy of the history form should be kept with the search file.

For additional questions, please contact our office at 402-472-3101 or email