Human Resources COVID-19 Updates:
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Find your Calm, Restore your Zenergy

Learn to relax, be mindful, breathe, or meditate in a calm quiet space at the Employee Assistance Program.

We invite faculty and staff to schedule time to enjoy a space that will help learners find their calm in the middle of their busy lifestyles. We have created a room that can be utilized at the EAP or to help employees learn how to create this space at home. Guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, voice prompted meditation, breathing exercises, aroma therapy, and other relaxation strategies will be offered. These practices will help:

  • Build skills to manage stress
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Focus on the present
  • Reduce negative emotion
  • Increase patience and tolerance

We invite employees to try at least three 15-minute sessions to learn a variety of skills. 15-minute sessions can be scheduled as part of a talk therapy session or separately to learn the relaxation strategies. Set up an appointment by calling EAP at 402-472-3107 or email at

Examples of videos or apps available:

  • 10 Minute guided imagery meditation
  • Body scan meditation (Tame anxiety)
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • 5-minute deep breathing exercise
  • Gratitude meditation (Strengthen happiness)
  • Breathe2relax
  • Engaging your senses meditation (Relieve stress)
  • Counting breaths meditation (Strengthen focus)
  • Kids meditation – Fading tone
  • Forgiving yourself meditation (Heal and let go)