Child Care & Lactation Support

Lactation Support

Lactation Rooms
Lactation rooms are private, dedicated spaces that are free from intrusion and accessible for use during regular building hours. They are clearly labeled so they are easy to find. Rooms which require users to contact someone to schedule and/or arrange access will be clearly labeled with this information. Room locations and their amenities will soon be available. You may also contact your building's maintence reporter to locate space in your building. If you have any questions or concerns about space, please contact Human Resources Employee Relations at 402-472-3101.

Each space is equipped with a comfortable chair, a side table, sink and countertop, paper towel dispenser, two electrical outlets and a lockable door with occupancy indicator. Some spaces may not have a sink when operating as a temporary accommodation but should be located near an operable sink within a reasonable distance as determined by the University Code Official. 

If you need to borrow a small refrigerator for milk storage during the period of lactation, please call the Housing Facilities Operations Office at 402-472-3753. (see Lactation Support Policy)

Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group
A free support group for breastfeeding mothers returning to school or work is provided by the Women's Center. It is open to students, staff, and faculty. Participants may attend while pregnant or after the baby is born. For more information contact Kacey Nelkin Pedersen,, or visit their website under Support and Discussion Groups.
Healthy Lincoln
You can find a variety of resources for new breastfeeding mothers from Healthy Lincoln with help on breastfeeding, mother's milk depots and peer-to-peer support. 

Child Care

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account may be used to pay dependent care expenses that are necessary for you and your spouse to work. Contact the Benefits office if you have questions at or 402-472-2600.
UNL Children's Center
Located on the eastern side of City Campus at 2225 "W" Street, the Children's Center provides care year round. They serve faculty, staff, students and the community of Lincoln. Full-time care is provided for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. The Center opens daily at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. The rates vary for students, faculty staff and the community. Detailed information on this center is available at
Child Care Connection
Child Care Connection is a service provided by Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department to search for child care providers in Lincoln-Lancaster County.
To conduct a search for child care providers, visit
Ruth Staples Child Development Lab (CDL)
Operated by the College of Education and Human Family Sciences, 35th and Fair Streets on East Campus. The mission of the Ruth Staples Child Development Lab is education, outreach, and research. The mission distinguishes the Child Development Lab from other early childhood programs, which exist solely to provide the service of child care and education. Detailed information is available at
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
If you are looking to learn more about child care in Nebraska, the Nebraska DHHS offers parents, providers, and the community valuable information needed to care for Nebraska's children.
Roster of Licensed Child Care and Preschool Programs in Nebraska
For assistance, call 1-800-600-1289 (toll free in Nebraska) or 402-71-9278 (in Lincoln).

Parenting Support

Parenting classes with Love and Logic are available through the Employee Assistance Program. Individual sessions at the EAP for parenting support are also available.

The Counseling and School Psychology Clinic seeks to improve educational, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning and interactions of individuals, families, groups and counseling/therapy, consultation, and education. They conduct psychological and educational evaluations of children and youth to address referral questions from parents/caregivers and or schools. In addition, clinic therapists provide individual child and adult therapy to address a wide range of referral concerns.

Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorder Network

The Nebraska Department of Education has developed the Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network to provide training and technical assistance to local school districts, educational service units and parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

HearU Nebraska

HearU Nebraska provides hearing aids to children ages 0-18 with priority to newly identified children ages 0-3 years.