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EAP Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to the EAP during work hours?
Employees are encouraged to come to the EAP during work hours. If you are referred by your supervisor, and/or choose to inform your supervisor of your EAP appointment, you are eligible to use administrative leave up to a maximum of five hours per calendar year or you may arrange to use vacation or sick leave. The EAP has appointments available during lunch hours and some limited evening appointments
What qualifications do the counselors have?
The counselors at UNL's EAP are experienced clinicians who hold advanced degrees and are fully licensed by the State of Nebraska.
Will this service cost me anything?
The majority of staff and family members resolve their issues at EAP with short term counseling or consultation at no charge. Sometimes however, referrals are made to community resources for specialized or long term care. These resources may charge for services. The EAP staff will work with the clients to find resources who are covered by our health insurance plan or who offer affordable fees.
Why would UNL offer counseling for free?
The University recognizes that personal problems at home or interpersonal issues at work can negatively affect job performance. The mission of the UNL EAP is to help staff and faculty deal with these types of problems in the most positive way possible. The entire University benefits from employees that are feeling good and productive.