Parenting Classes

Each semester the EAP hosts a six-week parenting class that is scheduled over the lunch hour. All faculty, staff, and their immediate family members are eligible to attend. For more information, call the EAP at 402-472-3107.

Parenting the Love and Logic Way®

This class is based on the literature of Love and Logic® written by Foster Cline, MD, Jim Fay, and Charles Fay, Ph.D. The program offers ways to raise a responsible child that learns from the consequences of their own mistakes. Participants learn about preparing children for the real world and avoiding power struggles by letting empathy and consequences do the teaching.

The “Love” in Love and Logic means that we love our kids so much that we are willing to set and enforce limits. This “Love” also means that we do so with sincere compassion and empathy.

The “Logic” in Love and Logic happens when we allow children to make decisions, make affordable mistakes and experience the natural or logical consequences. When we balance this with sincere empathy, they develop logic that reflects their own choices.

You can visit the Love and Logic website at