Smoking Cessation

The Employee Assistance Program offers support services for smoking cessation.  The EAP will tailor a smoking cessation program that fits the specific needs of the participant by offering to meet individually, to meet with 1-3 participants, or by offering larger group support.  Participants will learn their specific triggers for why they smoke, and begin to practice other coping strategies for stress.  Areas of discussion may include various strategies for quitting, medications for withdrawal symptoms, and recommendations for lifestyle changes to improve their chances for success.  If participants choose to start a cessation program with other participants, this strategy is designed to offer a supportive atmosphere, accountability, and the experience of other participants helping with motivation.  Requests for information may be directed to the EAP at 472-3107. 

Tobacco Cessation

The Employee Assistance Program also offers services for other forms of tobacco cessation.  The learning materials will have minor differences but many of the same strategies outlined above are applicable for other forms of tobacco as well.