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Workplace Services

Management Consultation

EAP counselors are available to supervisors for confidential consultation regarding an employee's work performance that may be affected by personal problems. A counselor can also assist a supervisor in developing effective, sensitive strategies designed to improve communication within a team or department.

Supervisory Referrals

A supervisor or department chair might notice that an employee's job performance is being affected by personal problems, and may suggest that an employee seek assistance through EAP. Faculty and staff cannot be mandated to attend the EAP except in certain life threatening situations. Employment or tenure status will not change due to an employee's involvement with the EAP. Unless authorized by the employee, a counselor will not inform a supervisor of EAP involvement.

Conflict Resolution

EAP provides an objective third party to help resolve interpersonal conflicts within the workplace between
employees of approximately equal positions.

Educational Presentations

The EAP provides training programs for departments upon request. View a list of trainings for behavioral health education in several areas.