Human Resources COVID-19 Updates:
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How do I get services at UNL?
All services are based on having a record in either the employee or student system. Please contact your departmental HR Coordinator about getting services. If you do not know who that is, the Huskertech Help Center (402-472-3970) can look up their contact information. See the New Employee Onboarding Steps for the steps to complete the identity claim process.
What is the difference between TrueYou and MyUNL?
TrueYou credentials are used to access services (i.e. Firefly, Student Information System) shared among the University of Nebraska and Nebraska State College System. Your MyUNL credentials are used to access campus-specific services (i.e. Canvas, email) at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
When can I get my University I.D. card (NCard)?
When your appointment is entered into the SAP System, your NUID is created. The next day, you can complete an online application. Go to the NCard Office in the Nebraska Union to pick up your card the next day. You must present a government issued ID to claim your NCard.
What is the difference between an NUID and an NCard?
Every student and employee has a unique, 8-digit code created when their record is entered into SAP or PeopleSoft/MyRed. This code is the NUID, which is used by many systems on campus to provide services. The NCard is the physical ID card that the student/employee carries to identify themselves as a UNL student/employee. The NUID is printed on the NCard and is used as the unique identifier for many services.
What is Firefly?
Firefly is our human resources portal and uses TrueYou credentials to access. It is where employees register for benefits, view their paystubs, and file leave/vacation requests, among other services.
How do I get access to Firefly?
Firefly accounts are automatically created for new employees. Benefits-eligible employees will receive a welcome email that includes details of how to log in and use Firefly.
What’s the difference between Canvas and MyRED?
Canvas is UNL's learning management and uses MyUNL credentials to access. Canvas can be used throughout the semester for online course instruction and student communication. Course enrollment data is updated in Canvas daily. MyRED is UNL's official source for student data, including enrollments, faculty instructors of record, and grades. It uses TrueYou credentials to access.