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Payroll Learning and Development

Business Intelligence Reporting

This class will teach SAP Business Intelligence Reporting in Firefly, including both HR and financial reports. BI Reports can be easily customized to meet your needs and download with a single click. The class will cover reporting tools such as how to filter, sort and add/remove columns using the specific reports participants need to use. Register Online

SAP Reconciler Training for P-Card

This class teaches participants about the roles and responsibilities of a P-Card Reconciler. Class material includes instructions and hands-on training on how to reconcile P-Card charges in SAP. This class and the P-Card Training - Online are required for SAP security access.  The P-Card Training – Online should be completed prior to this class. Computer set-up requirements will be sent after signup for this class. Register Online

SAP Financial Summary Reports

This class focuses on how to generate and understand summary financial reports in SAP. You will learn about UNL's financial structure and how the budget system integrates with SAP. You will then learn how to apply this information to the various Revenue/Expense Summaries and the Administrative Summary reports. Register Online

SAP Journal Entries

Learn how to create journal entries and interdepartmental charge tickets in SAP to transfer income/expenses between cost objects. Learn about ZPOST, a way to upload a larger multi-line JE/IC in SAP. Register Online

SAP Accounts Payable

This class covers the basics of the invoice payment process. The participant will have hands-on experience using SAP to create supplier records, and park, attach and inquire on the payment status of invoices. Register Online

SAP Online Reconciliation and Detail Reporting

This class will cover everything you need to reconcile both cost centers and WBS elements. You will learn how to use the online reconciliation feature and run and understand the detail line item reports and payroll detail reports. You will also learn tips and tricks to customize SAP reports to meet your needs. Register Online

How To Read The Payroll Processing Schedule

Most of us don't like deadlines. However, to be successful in navigating the payroll process, you must be aware of and adhere to the various deadlines. This tutorial will teach you how to read and understand the deadlines outlined in the Payroll Processing Schedules.

Quick Clips

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) has released three short video vignettes for employees and employers that demonstrate how to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification For I-9.  Here is a synopsis of each vignette:
Section 1 of Form I-9

  • Must be completed by the employee
  • Explains each data field
  • Highlights new phone number and email address optional fields
  • Shows you how to fill in new foreign passport and country of issuance data fields

Section 2 of Form I-9

  • Must be completed by the employer for each person hired
  • Illustrates important deadlines and instructions
  • Explains employers' responsibilities
  • Includes important reminders

Section 3 of Form I-9

  • Completed by the employer for reverification and rehiring
  • Displays an on-screen checklist for hiring managers
  • Explains which employees have to be re-verified
  • Shows examples of documents not to re-verify