Learning and Development

SAP Payroll Time Entry Training

This course teaches the basics of time entry into SAP.  Participants will receive hands-on training for entering time, will learn how to read the payroll schedule, and will learn how to run the Wage and Hour report to validate entries.  This training is required before Time Coordinator security will be granted.
Typically offered once a month - Register at http://training.unl.edu

SAP EPAF for Hires & Rehires

Learn how the Electronic Personal Action Form (EPAF) process in SAP can be used for the hire and re-hire of hourly students, grad students, non-benefit temp employees, on-call workers, and NRA students. The EPAF process replaces the paper PAF form and results in the reduction of key strokes, prevents common errors, and electronically routes the information directly to Payroll Services. This training session will also cover what other actions can be completed via an EPAF, what documents must be submitted to payroll, and how the approval process works.  This training is required before EPAF security will be granted in SAP.
Typically offered once a month - Register at http://training.unl.edu

SAP EPAF Refresher Course

A shortened version of the full EPAF class that includes how to hire Temps and On-Call's using the EPAF.
By appointment only. Please contact Carol Neal at 472-0078 or cneal1@unl.edu to set up a specific date and time.

How To Read The Payroll Processing Schedule

Most of us don't like deadlines. However, to be successful in navigating the payroll process, you must be aware of and adhere to the various deadlines. This tutorial will teach you how to read and understand the deadlines outlined in the Payroll Processing Schedules.

SAP HR Basics and Reporting

This class provides an overview of the personnel administration data that is collected and administered within SAP.  Participants will review the hiring process, including employee onboarding.  Attendees will also explore the payroll validation reports, and learn how to establish variants that expedite the report generation process.
Typically offered once a month - Register at http://training.unl.edu

How to Complete a PAF

This course will cover the key data elements of the PAF form  Participants will spend the majority of class time working through various examples of actions that are processed via a PAF form.
Typically offered once a month - Register at http://training.unl.edu

HR Portal Reports in Firefly

Delivered reports for human resources are now available in Firefly.  If you need easy access to SAP HR data these reports may provide the perfect solution.  By simply entering in a few parameters, a highly-formatted report appears at your fingertips.  Although these reports have a standard format, additional functionality such as filtering, sorting, removing columns, adding columns, etc. allow you to format reports to your needs.  You can then export to Microsoft Excel or print as a PDF file.  The ability to save selection variants and report layouts is a convenient way to make running standard reports even more effortless.  This hands on training will walk participants through the use and customization of these reports to fit their business needs.
Typically offered once a month - Register at http://training.unl.edu

Quick Clips

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) has released three short video vignettes for employees and employers that demonstrate how to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification For I-9.  Here is a synopsis of each vignette:
Section 1 of Form I-9

  • Must be completed by the employee
  • Explains each data field
  • Highlights new phone number and email address optional fields
  • Shows you how to fill in new foreign passport and country of issuance data fields

Section 2 of Form I-9

  • Must be completed by the employer for each person hired
  • Illustrates important deadlines and instructions
  • Explains employers' responsibilities
  • Includes important reminders

Section 3 of Form I-9

  • Completed by the employer for reverification and rehiring
  • Displays an on-screen checklist for hiring managers
  • Explains which employees have to be re-verified
  • Shows examples of documents not to re-verify