Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the University Health Plan

The university and our health insurers have taken actions to assist our employees and their families during this time. Some of these changes are highlighted below. Please contact UMR (1-844-659-5059) or CVS (888-202-1654) to assist with any specific questions or concerns you may have.

Pharmacy Services

Relaxed Refill Restrictions. Early refill limits on 30-day prescriptions for maintenance medications at any in-network pharmacy have been temporarily removed. View the CVS Caremark Maintenance Drug List.

Free Home Delivery. CVS Pharmacy has waived charges for home delivery of all prescription medications. View the detailed Pharmacy Plan Changes Due to COVID-19 with an FAQ on the free home delivery process.

Medical Services

COVID-19 Testing. To ensure members have access to testing, there will be no member cost sharing for COVID-19 tests. Claims for COVID-19 testing will be processed without the typical deductibles and/or co-insurance rates. 100% of the testing cost will be paid by the health plan.

Telehealth Capability. We would like to remind you that our health plan does have a telehealth capability that allow you to visit a doctor while remaining in your home. Please visit to learn more about the program.