Insurance Changes begin Jan. 1

The university will have new third-party administrators of our health and dental plans beginning in 2019:  UMR  for our health plan and Ameritas for our dental plan. CVS Caremark will continue to provide our pharmacy insurance.

As part of this process, employees enrolled for health and/or dental insurance will be receiving a new ID card from UMR and/or Ameritas, depending on which plan(s) you are enrolled in. Cards will arrive in the mail at your home address before closedown.

Health plan enrollees with employee-only coverage will receive one ID card from UMR. Health plan enrollees with a spouse, adult designee, or children on their plan will receive two ID cards. You may call UMR (844-659-5059) to request additional cards, print temporary cards from the portal once you have registered, or order additional cards from the portal. Starting in 2019, the UMR cards will serve as both your health and pharmacy insurance card; there will no longer be a separate pharmacy ID card. A sample of the UMR mailing that will contain your ID card(s) is available here  and additional information on using your UMR card is available here.

Dental plan members will receive two ID cards from Ameritas regardless of your coverage level. If you’d like additional Ameritas ID cards, you may call Ameritas (800-487-5553, option 1) to order another set or create a secure account at to access the ID cards electronically or order additional cards. A sample of the Ameritas mailing that will contain your ID cards is available here:

Please contact the benefits office if you have questions.

UNL Benefits: 402-472-2600
UMR: 844-659-5059
Ameritas: 800-487-5553, option 1