Telehealth services offered through Teladoc

Starting in 2019, enrollees in the University of Nebraska’s health plan (employees and dependents) will have access to telehealth services offered through Teladoc. Teladoc services can be utilized for common conditions, such as a sinus infection, cold, flu, ear infection, sore throat, migraine, fever, and abdominal pain. Teladoc gives you access 24 hours, 7 days a week to medical providers through the convenience of phone, video or mobile app visits. The services are subject to coinsurance and deductible amounts. For more information visit or call 800-TELADOC (800-835-2362).

Teladoc is an optional program and does not require you to cease visits with your current medical provider. You can sign up with Teladoc at any time during the year. Additional information on the Teladoc program can be found at

Please contact your benefits office (402-472-2600) if you have questions.