Voluntary FTE Reduction Program

The University has created a Voluntary FTE Reduction program which grants most of its regular, full-time Office/Service and Managerial/Professional employees a one-time option to voluntarily reduce their work hours and corresponding pay to no lower than a 0.75 full-time equivalent (FTE). This opportunity to request an FTE reduction will only be open from June 1 through September 1, 2020.

Employees may want to consider this program an opportunity to work for a more flexible work week, as a transition into retirement, to care for children during summer months, to care for other family members such as aging parents, and for various other personal needs to enhance their work-life balance. FTE reduction options include a schedule of working less hours during each work week or not working during summer months.

The attached policy describes the details of the program and impact on benefit programs. Employee insurance benefit contributions will not change as a part of this one-time option, which is an advantage at this time since an FTE reduction would normally result in an increase in employee contribution.

If an employee is interested in this program, the first step is to talk with the immediate supervisor to see if this arrangement is possible. If the supervisor and employee feel that this option can work, then the employee will submit a Voluntary FTE Reduction Form. The form will route through unit leadership and if it is approved, will result in a written agreement.

Questions on this program can be directed to hroffice@unl.edu.

See also:  Voluntary FTE Reduction Program Policy