Organization Development Services

Nancy F. Myers, Ph.D.
407 Canfield Administration
Lincoln, NE 68588-0438
Phone: 402-472-3101 | Fax: 402-472-9040

What is ODS?

Organization Development is the practice of helping the University solve problems and reach goals. OD helps administrators, faculty and staff build the capacity to learn and grow, achieve greater effectiveness at work and build vision and strategy.

How does ODS work?

The ODS director offers a range of services including:

  • Strategic Planning – providing planning sessions to achieve SWOT analysis, develop vision, mission and value statements and build goals, strategies, objectives and measurable outcomes.
  • Climate surveys – helping colleges and departments take a pulse on the way in which faculty and staff think about their work environment. Current surveys explore employee concerns, management practices and organization issues. OD works to administer and interpret surveys, as well as to help organizations create effective action plans to address strengths and challenges identified in the survey.
  • Team development – helping a team develop its ability to work more effectively together.  Team effectiveness assessments are available which will help the team develop a snapshot of their current strengths and challenges.
  • Training solutions – finding training resources to help build skill level and support university change initiatives.
  • Management and leadership consultation – Assisting managers to develop best practices for their work at UNL.
  • 360 degree assessment – Obtaining feedback to build on and improve management practices. 360 assessments are offered for leadership development and learning opportunities. Raters are chosen by the leader for the purpose of providing feedback.  The OD director is certified to provide assessments by the Center for Creative Leadership, as well as other vendors. All assessments are confidential and shared only with the individual requesting the 360 feedback.
  • Change management – working with colleges, departments, committees and other groups to help them plan and implement significant change, especially as it affects people in their organizations.
  • Group problem solving and facilitation – helping a group identify a key issue, gather information about it, and outline decisions or action plans needed to address the issue.


For More Information

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