Performance Management & Change Management for Supervisors and Administrators Seminars

HR is presenting two supervisor seminars on (next date TBD) at the city campus Union. Designed for supervisors, administrators and managers, the seminars will address effective performance management during the morning session and change management in the afternoon.   Attendees can register for one or both sessions.  Each seminar is limited to 40 persons.  For more information contact Nancy Myers, Layton Brooks, or Kelly White

Performance Management

***Next Session TBD***

Presented by Layton Brooks and Kelly White, Human Resources

This session is designed for new supervisors or those who want to refresh their skills on developing and practicing strategies for engaging employees through performance management by:

  • Setting the right tone through planning, establishing goals and setting expectations
  • Using effective feedback and coaching techniques 
  • Understanding performance documentation and developing action plans that help improve performance. 

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Change Management for Supervisors and Administrators

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Presented by Nancy F. Myers, Organization Development

The change driven by budget reduction at the University is challenging us to think and lead in different ways.  This seminar will examine some of the broad campus wide change we are experiencing and explore ways to best comprehend and lead change. 

  • Changing the paradigm – How we are challenged to think differently about the way the University works
  • Working across campus boundaries (within UNL and across 4 campuses)
  • Matrix systems, dual reporting and campus wide strategy –  Creating a bigger picture
  • Mobile Technology and the ability for people to work/teach virtually anywhere

This seminar will focus on:

  • Making sense of change initiatives, even when there is not a lot of detail
  • Effective ways to lead when managing a new or virtual team
  • During change, building a coaching model to support employees
  • Hands-on case studies dealing with change in higher education

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