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Biweekly Time Sheets

Each department is responsible for printing the time sheets for all of their employees. An exception will be made for those departments that are outlying and do not have access to an SAP designated printer. The University Payroll Office will print and mail or email time sheets to those areas.

All time sheets and leave slips must be signed by the employee and his/her supervisor.

Time sheets and all supporting documents (e.g., leave slips) must be retained by the department for a duration of four years with the exception of six years for work study students. Additionally, the records for any grant funded positions must be retained for two years beyond the completion of the audit.

The University Payroll Office will enter time for departments that are in outlying areas and do not have access to SAP Payroll, for departments that are on different campuses where the employee is active in a position on both campuses, and in emergency circumstances. All departments must have a back-up person to enter time. Time sheets that are sent or faxed (472-0134) to the Payroll Office for time entry must be received in the Payroll Office by noon on Friday of each week. The only exception to this rule is holiday scheduling or other circumstances that may cause an early submission time. The Payroll Processing Schedule indicates the deadlines.

Time sheet information must be legible. The time sheet shall contain: employee name, personnel number, position number, cost center, pay period dates and number of hours worked each day of the pay period. The total hours worked must also contain the wage type (e.g., ropl, fnl, vac etc). If you have a new hire and you cannot print a time sheet for the individual or if the University Payroll Office prints your time sheets and you did not receive a preprinted time sheet for an employee, you may print a blank one from SAPPHIRE. All of the pertinent information indicated above must be indicated on the timesheet.

The department time entry deadlines are indicated in the Payroll Processing Schedule. Hours must be entered three days prior to the final lockdown date as indicated in the Payroll Processing Schedule. For new employee/appointments, time should not be entered until the employee/appointment has been entered into the payroll system by Data Entry. (DO NOT ENTER TIME FOR AN EMPLOYEE IF THE ASSIGNED POSITION NUMBER IS NOT ACTIVE IN THE DATA BASE.) Keep in mind that an employee may have more than one position number. Each department is responsible for checking on-line to verify that the PAF or employee information has been entered.

If a department is printing or receiving a time sheet for someone who is no longer employed by their department, the department shall:

  • Process a PAF immediately if one has not already been completed
  • If an employee has transferred a PDF must be completed reflecting the employee's new department address
  • Notify the Payroll Office immediately by e-mail at:

All departments must run a Wage and Hour Report the day after time has been entered regardless if the department or the Payroll Office enters the time. An exception to this would be those outlying areas that do not have access to SAP. This report is required and is used to audit the actual hours input into the system as compared to the actual time sheets. If there is a discrepancy, the department must make the correction or notify the Payroll Office immediately. After the correction has been made, the department shall run another Wage and Hour Report the following day to verify that the correction was processed correctly.

The University Payroll Office will notify the department by e-mail or in some instances by phone of an edit that is stopping the biweekly payroll from processing. It is the responsibility of the department to immediately make the correction. If assistance is needed, the Department must immediately contact the Payroll staff person who sent the email. Each University department is responsible to have a back-up person who can correct any edits.