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Process for M/P Employees

The Department of Human Resources (HR) is providing these guidelines to assist you and your department during the recruitment process. Your adherence to these guidelines will ensure that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's (UNL) recruitment procedures are being applied uniformly. It also ensures that UNL is in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. Along with these guidelines, also refer to the Managerial/Professional Recruitment Checklist to assist you with this process.

PeopleAdmin is software used by UNL for recruitment, hiring and creation of job descriptions and requisitions. Please contact Human Resources to set up a login account in PeopleAdmin.

Steps for the recruitment and hiring of Managerial/Professional employees:

1. An approved job description must be in place before a requisition is prepared to fill a position. Create or update the job description electronically through the PeopleAdmin system. Access to the electronic job description is through the same website as the electronic HR Requisition – Assistance in preparation of a job description is available by contacting a member of Human Resources staff (402-472-3101) or sending an e-mail to hrclasscomp@unl.eduThe hiring department is responsible for ensuring adequate funding and approval prior to the recruitment process. 

2. The unit should submit a requisition for the position through the PeopleAdmin recruitment system at

3. A position may be posted for recruitment in one of three ways:

  • External – open to everyone, both University and non-University applicants.

  • University employees only – with approval of the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, the position would be open to all University employees, including those from University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Central Administration.

  • Department Only – with approval of the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, a search may be limited to those within the department who are current regular part-time or full time employees hired through the regular UNL competitive search process (not a temporary employee).

Positions are normally posted external at UNL, a public institution. On some occasions, upon prior approval from the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, a department may request another form of posting. Departments lacking appropriate representation of ethnic, racial and gender groups may not limit advertising to the department only but may advertise to University employees only. Departments on a "supervised search" status with the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance may not limit the scope of any search without prior approval of that office.

4. The extent of external advertising and the minimum posting period for recruitment is based on the projected availability of qualified applicants and the number of applicants in the targeted groups (women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities). A minimum of seven calendar days is required for all posted managerial/professional positions. Exceptions must be approved by the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance.

5. Human Resources is responsible for placement of advertisements. The hiring unit is responsible for the expense. As long as the position is open, the hiring unit may re-advertise until a suitable candidate is found. Please Note: newspapers will bill your department directly for advertisements.

6. Review of application materials can happen immediately. However, a decision cannot be made prior to the application review date. All job postings at UNL are considered “Open until filled.” If the need arises to consider applications received after the review date, hiring units are cautioned to give all applicants equal consideration by the hiring official. Hiring units are encouraged to contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance with questions about the appropriate handling of application materials.

7. A search committee is optional on office/service and managerial/professional positions.  When a search committee is used, please follow all requirements of a search committee as required by the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance. Regardless of whether you are using a search committee or a hiring official for these positions all regular processes, procedures and approvals for the search process must be followed. Anyone involved in recruiting, screening and/or interviewing must have attended the Search Process Seminar provided by the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance within the past three years.

8. The unit leader will be accountable for following all laws and regulations and Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance and Human Resources policies and procedures governing the selection of managerial/professional positions, and maintain current search process seminar certification from the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance. Additionally, all hiring officials not using search committees will be responsible for any questions or reviews that may occur as a result of a managerial/professional search. All materials and documentation pertaining to the recruitment process must be preserved by the hiring authority within the department official files in accordance with the UNL Records Retention Policy.

9. Prior to conducting interviews for managerial/professional positions, the hiring unit must submit to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance a list of the candidates who have been chosen for interviews, which can be done through PeopleAdmin by moving the identified candidates to the “Short List Candidate” status and clicking the “Short List Completed” link on Applicant tab of the requisition. This is required with or without the use of a search committee. The completed Applicant Log must be sent to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance at that time. For those positions which require national recruitment or when the hiring unit has limited financial resources for interviewing purposes, it is suggested that telephone interviews be conducted before narrowing the pool to the candidate(s) who interview on campus. Please make certain questions are consistent to all applicants and focus on job related education, skills and experience. An offer of employment may be made based on telephone interviews, on-campus visits or a combination of both. Hiring units should be consistent in their approach to all finalists for a particular position. Please Note: Hiring units must obtain approval from the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance before administering any skill, knowledge, ability tests during the hiring process.

10. Former employees who were dismissed from UNL are ineligible for rehire; former employees whose performance is documented as below satisfactory may be ineligible for rehire. Internal applicants whose performance is documented as less than satisfactory and those who are under corrective action are ineligible for transfer. Questions about eligibility policy should be directed to Human Resources (402-472-3101). Conducting reference checks with supervisors of current and former UNL employees is strongly recommended.

11. Before bringing individuals to campus for interviews, it is suggested you should do some preliminary reference checks. At a minimum, once interviews have been completed, the hiring unit must conduct reference checks of the top candidate's current and previous employers. Only position-relevant information such as verification of work history, and professional reference information regarding performance and work behaviors may be obtained.  Conducting reference checks with supervisors of current and former UNL employees is strongly recommended. It is important to be consistent in conducting all reference checks. Telephone Reference Check List should be used as a guide when conducting reference checks. Offers should be made “contingent” upon a successful Criminal History Background Check for all new and transfer employee hires. Certain positions require that the selected candidate pass tests or checks prior to beginning to work. Job offers are made "contingent" upon the successful completion of the test or check. When applicable, Pre Placement Physicals, D.O.T. mandated Commercial Driver's License (CDL) drug testing or Driving Record Review must be completed and details arranged with the Human Resources Office. Please call 402-472-3101 for more information regarding these pre placement processes.

12. Prior to posting a position, a hiring rate/range will be developed with the assistance of Human Resources staff. This hiring rate/range will provide guidance in making final salary decisions. Approval of the hiring rate/range and salary offer rate will be dependent upon your departmental/unit approval requirements. If you have questions or need assistance in determining the appropriate salary for a job offer, contact a member of the Human Resources staff. Factors to consider in making salary decisions include: budget constraints, internal equity, market relevance, and internal value of the position, within your unit and UNL. Justification for an offer that is above the approved hiring rate/range should be documented on a Salary Determination Form. After obtaining appropriate unit signatures, this form is forwarded to the Human Resources Compensation Unit for review and recording of your unit’s salary decision. This form will be returned to your unit for record keeping.

13. If the hiring unit has authorized a move of household goods for the successful candidate to be charged to UNL, please contact University Procurement Services (402-472-2126) or

14. After the verbal offer of employment is made, a Letter of Offer (listed below) must be mailed to the successful candidate. The successful candidate should reply to the Letter of Offer in writing with either a Letter of Acceptance or by signing and returning the Letter of Offer. The Letter of Acceptance must include the start date, the position title, the salary, and confirmation of the terms of probation. A copy of the letter of offer and acceptance should be submitted with the PAF. 

When the offer is accepted in writing, all other applicants should be informed that the position has been filled. The hiring unit is responsible for notifying the unsuccessful candidates either through PeopleAdmin email, or by sending a letter to unseccessful candidates found in SAPPHIRE.

Occasionally, unsuccessful candidates inquire about the status of their application. It is best to respond to an inquiry from an unsuccessful candidate by indicating that a candidate whose qualifications better matched the needs of the unit was selected for the position. Additional reasons should not be given. The hiring unit may refer persistent unsuccessful candidates to Human Resources.

15. The hiring unit completes the necessary paperwork to officially hire the new person. Please refer to the Managerial & Professional Recruiting Checklist to assist you with this process. All newly hired employees must serve an original probationary period of six months. This probationary period is an extension of the selection process and is used to determine an employee's suitability for UNL employment. Note that current UNL staff members who have regular status do not serve another original probation.

16. The hiring unit will complete the following and mail to the appropriate Budget Office:

  • Personnel Action Form (PAF)
  • Personnel Data Form (PDF)
  • Copies of Letter of Offer and Acceptance ( see # 16 above)
  • I-9 Form
  • E-Verify
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • W-4 Form

If the employee is new to UNL, all insurance forms should be sent directly to the UNL Benefits Office within 31 days of the date of hire.

17. Human Resources will prepare and mail a letter to the new employee (copy also to hiring department) confirming position title, salary, and effective employment date.

18. Additional information about benefit provisions can be found at Agreement/ UNL Photo Identification Card / New Employee Orientation

19. Application Records Retention Policy: All materials pertaining to the recruitment process must be maintained within the department official files for a period of four years starting from the successful candidate’s start date. These materials will be important to you in the event you have to respond to any legal action or inquiry in connection with the hiring process. Each hiring unit is responsible for ensuring that hiring practices and decisions uphold the intent of UNL's Non-Discrimination Policy and ensure full compliance with UNL's Recruitment Policies and Procedures.

20. If you have questions at any time during the selection process, please call Human Resources at 402-472-3101.