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Monthly Exception Reports

All Monthly Exception Reports and the supporting documentation (i.e., leave slips) must be retained by the Department for four years. The reports and leave slips must be signed by the employee and the immediate supervisor. The Monthly Exception Report time period is from the 15th to the 15th of each month.

Monthly Exception Report information must be legible. The report shall contain the department name, employee name, personnel number, date from and date to relating to the exception, wage type, the number of hours and the signature of the employee and his/her supervisor.

The Monthly Exception Report and all supporting documents (i.e. leave slips) must be retained by the department for four years with the exception of six years for work study students. In addition, the records for grant funded positions must be retained for two years beyond the completion of the audit.

All Monthly Exception Report input must be entered by the last day of the final. Refer to the Payroll Processing Schedule (found in SAPPHIRE) as to the dates. All salaried employees must have floating holidays reported on a leave slip and posted into the system. Normal holidays do not require a leave slip and are not posted into the system for monthly employees. It is each department's responsibility to run the Wage and Hour Report to verify that the information was input correctly. If an error has been made, it is the responsibility of the department to detect it via the Wage and Hour report. The error must be corrected by the department or they must call the Payroll Office immediately for assistance. It is the department's responsibility to run a new Wage and Hour Report the day after the correction was made and the department will verify that the correction was processed correctly. It is also the department's responsibility to verify that the PAF or employee information has been entered into the system.

The University Payroll Office will notify the department by e-mail, or in some instances by phone, of an edit that is stopping the monthly payroll from processing. It is the responsibility of the department to immediately make the correction. If assistance is needed the department must immediately contact the Payroll staff person who sent the email. Each University department is responsible to have a back-up person who can correct any edits.