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Refund of Voluntary Deductions

A university employee may choose to have “voluntary deductions” withheld from his/her paycheck. ie. parking, health insurance, campus recreation fee, combined campaign, foundation. The various departments or organizations are responsible for the notifying to the University Payroll Office that the deduction is to be made. The departments or organization must make arrangements with the Payroll Office as to the means by which the deduction will be updated to the employee’s record.

A refund of an employee voluntary payroll deductions will be made to an employee upon written or e-mail notification to the Payroll Office by the department or organization that initiated the deduction request. In most cases, refunds will be added to the net pay of the next payroll check to be issued to the employee. Refunds of voluntary deductions must be negotiated between the employee and the entity requesting that the deduction be made. If the delay will cause a hardship on the employee, a refund will be made by means of a special check. Any payroll deductions already committed to the purchase of US Savings Bonds cannot be refunded.

Refunds of required taxes and FICA deductions cannot be made except as provided for in federal regulations.