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4. Determine Title

Under NU Values a position will have two titles, a System Title and a Working Title. The System job title is determined by combining the job family name with the zone title. A more specific title, called the Working Title, is determined by organizational unit leadership.

Working titles will be used in the units to differentiate jobs to the extent that the organizational unit leadership feels appropriate. Jobs that are very similar should have the same working title. Working titles should avoid, wherever possible, using the Zone Placement Title of a zone other than the one placed in, i.e., a position in the Associate Zone would not be called Project Specialist.

It is important that working titles accurately reflect the nature and level of the job because:

  1. Working titles will be stored in SAP and other computer systems and used for reporting purposes.
  2. While job descriptions are used, working titles are a primary identifier when matching university jobs to the general labor market.

We anticipate that, over time, job titles will be refined. The goals of refining job titles are to:

  • Establish clear and meaningful distinctions among job titles.
  • Support cross training,
  • Encourage a multi-skilled staff that works across traditional job boundaries.

For assistance when assigning titles to jobs, consult with Human Resources.