Your Future Self

The Future Self – a program for those thinking about aging at mid-life and beyond. 

-         By 2060, 92 million people will be over the age of 60.  For most of us, this means we will be well beyond the age of 60.  How we get there is based on a number of things including how much attention we pay to our health and wellness now in anticipation of the future. 

-         The Future Self exercise is one way UNL staff and faculty are encouraged to think about their own aging process.  Five key areas of aging will be discussed including the physical, psychological/spiritual, environmental, social and financial aspects of aging. 

-         Attendees will have an opportunity to complete their own worksheets along with learning about the things we know happen with aging and how we can work to counteract some of the chronic conditions associated with the aging process.

-          Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and the Human Resources Department are honored to present “Your Future Self”.  This is a presentation given by Julie Masters Ph.D., Chair of Gerontology, in the East Campus Union on Wednesday, April 19 at 12pm – 1pm.  The topic will be on aging: what to expect and how to navigate it. 

-          We are asking that you please pre-register by calling 402-472-3107, and to receive some additional materials that will enhance your experience.