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401 Canfield Administration Building South (ADMS)
501 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68588-0438
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We empower employee success through HR leadership, partnerships, and services.

Our values values, principles, and strategic planning are aligned with Business & Finance's Strategic Planning and Inclusive Excellence Roadmap. As a core area within Business & Finance, we participated in defining customer service strategies and promise statements that guide us. View the Values and Principles for Business and Finance.

Value We Create

Strategy:  Lead HR campus strategy.

Expertise:  Provide HR services and expertise to campus.

Consultation:  Guide legal and policy interpretation.

Support:  Foster employee success. 

How We Create It

Customer Service:  Deliver an exceptionally caring, friendly, and helpful approach.

Partnerships:  Build collaborative and trusted relationships.

Accountability:  Ensure proactive, timely, and accurate services.

Innovation:  Create efficient and forward-looking solutions.

Opportunity:  Attract, develop, and retain employees to provide meaningful careers.

Service Areas

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Organizational Development & Training

401 ADMS (0436)
hroffice@unl.edu | training@unl.edu

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Payroll Services

401 ADMS (0436)