University Association for Administrative Development (UAAD)

A representative body of the managerial/professional employees on campus, UAAD operates with the primary objectives of improving operations in managerial/professional areas and promoting professional development among participating members. UAAD is frequently called upon to provide input on issues affecting University employees and to provide representatives to serve on numerous important campus committees. Dues are $20 per year, and general membership meetings are held monthly during the academic year.

University of Nebraska Office Personnel Association (UNOPA)

Provides seminars and workshops that promote professional development and high professional standards for educational office personnel with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Programs are usually held once per month during the academic year.

UNOPA's goals include encouraging professional growth of the membership through the National Professional Standards Program (PSP); identifying employee concerns and work within the University system to address those concerns; encouraging members to learn from one another through mentoring programs, classes, workshops and serving on University or UNOPA committees; to enhance leadership skills by serving as officers and committee directors; broaden understanding of the University of Nebraska, its goals and functions, and the relationship between the university and the community.

Young Professionals at Nebraska (YPN)

YPN provides an opportunity for any faculty, staff, or administrator to grow professionally alongside other young professionals in all areas of the institution.

Multicultural Young Professional Network (MYPN)

MYPN offers opportunities for mentoring, networking and professional development for members. They serve as a catalyst and influence campus climate and culture by developing a community that supports, empowers and sustains multicultural staff and faculty.

Academic Advising Association (AAA)

The Academic Advising Association (AAA) is home to a variety of student services professionals on UNL’s campus. The organization exists as a way to bring staff and faculty advisors and student services professionals together to focus on best practices, enhance professional development opportunities, and advocate for the needs of our community.