Hiring Managers & Supervisors Employment Toolbox


The page is intended to assist supervisors in their role as hiring managers and enhance their overall knowledge of the hiring and recruitment process. These reference guides are designed to assist you in the hiring process and ensure compliance with Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity requirements. If you have questions arising from the use of this toolbox, please call the Employment Office at 402-472-3101, or for comments, feedback and suggestions please e-mail us at unljobs@unl.edu.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) seeks to achieve a working and learning environment that is open to all people. Diversity is the hallmark of great institutions of learning has long been one of the strengths of our society. Dignity and respect for all in the UNL community is the responsibility of each individual member of the community. The realization of that responsibility across the campus is critical to UNL's success. For UNL’s non-discrimination information see http://www.unl.edu/equity/notice-nondiscrimination.


Office/Service Hiring Guidelines

Office/Service Hiring Checklist 

Managerial/Professional Hiring Guidelines

Managerial/Professional Hiring Checklist

Reference Check / Release of Liability (MW)

Telephone Reference Checklist

Interview Guide for Supervisors & Managers

This guide is intended as a useful supervisory tool, which includes topics to help clarify the legal points in the interview process and improve the overall quality of interviews.


Answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to recruitment, selection and placement.

Search Process Seminars

University faculty and staff members (including Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants) serving on a search committee are required to attend an educational seminar covering legal issues and university policies and procedures prior to the first meeting of the search committee.

Employing or Purchasing from a Family Member – Procedures & Approval