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Bridge is our new learning management solution that houses employee learning and professional development. Please click https://nebraska.bridgeapp.com to log in with your TrueYou credentials and explore!

We recognize that with change comes uncertainty, questions, and occasional frustration and we want you to feel supported. You may contact Huskertech for support. We encourage you to speak with your manager if you have concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transitional period.

Thank you for your support as we work to bring you even more professional development support and opportunities. We are excited to share more about Bridge with you and look forward to our new and improved employee learning system! If you provide training in your area and would like to contribute to the offerings in Bridge, contact Ranelle Maltas at ranelle@unl.edu or via Teams chat.


  • Track your learning history and upcoming courses in MY LEARNING
  • Browse optional courses in the LEARNING LIBRARY
  • Register for live trainings in the TRAINING CALENDAR
  • Managers will have an INSIGHTS icon on the left navigation bar that provide reports on course completion of their subordinates. [How to use Insights]

Live Trainings

To register, click the Register button next to the session you want to register for.
If the course has enabled the waitlist feature and the session has a seat limit, you will see an option to Join Waitlist if all the session seats are taken. If a seat becomes available, the next person on the waitlist will automatically be added to the session and they will be notified when they are added.

When you register for a live training, you will receive an email confirmation with the session details. You will also receive reminder notifications for the upcoming session.

  • To change your registration for a live training, click the Reschedule button.
  • To unregister from a session, locate the session and click the Unregister button.
Topics available as live training include:
  • SAP and other payroll related topics
  • Excel, Teams, InDesign and other Microsoft apps
  • Search Process Seminars presented by Institutional Equity & Compliance
  • Research Administration from the Office of Research and Economic Development

Courses & Programs

You can find and self-enroll in courses and programs from the Learning Library. Just click a course or program you are interested in.

  • To preview a program in which you are not enrolled, click the Preview button.
  • To self-enroll in a course or program, click the Enroll button.
Some highlights in the Human Resources category include:

Coaching & Feedback
In this course you will learn an easy-to-understand coaching model, effective methods for giving feedback and constructive criticism, how to increase trust with the members of your team, and how to achieve ongoing, long-term development through mentoring.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
This Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving course covers step-by-step, logical thinking approaches as well as out-of-the-box approaches for times when traditional methods just aren't working. Try a new strategy or two, and bam! You're back in the game!

Effective Meetings
Whether you need ideas for creating "way-cool" agendas, or how to respond to conflict during the meeting, attendees.

Emotional Intelligence
Are you emotionally intelligent? We're talking about how you manage your behavior, navigate social situations, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results. This course provides tools, techniques, and tips to be more emotionally intelligent!

Generational Awareness
This course explains the key differences among the generations present in today's workforce and gives you tips on intergenerational communication. Whether you're a Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, or Millennial, a little understanding goes a long way.

Goal Setting & Achieving
Do you have clear and measurable goals for yourself? Have you written them down? If not, you're not alone. In this course, you'll learn key techniques for setting goals, making plans to achieve those goals, and lead yourself to success.

Management Basics
This training will help you learn managerial skills needed to create work efficiencies, set appropriate goals and expectations for yourself and your team, delegate responsibilities, manage your time, and provide appropriate feedback.

Presentation Skills
This course will help you improve your presentation skills, including customizing your message for your audience, creating an outline, writing and revising, using visual aids, and delivering your presentation with power.

Teamwork: Being an Effective Team
What makes an effective team? How does one team succeed where others have failed? In this course, you'll learn how team dynamics affect the way we interact with each other, and ways leaders and team members can make the most out of their team experience.

Thriving Through Conflict
Someone calls you a jerk to your face. What do you do about it? Everybody feels frustrated, angry, or even annoyed by another person sometimes. But, there's a tried and true process you can follow to smooth the prickliest predicament between co-workers.

Understanding Diversity
This course will help you understand diversity and how you can help create a workplace that values and respects differences. You will learn to identify stereotypes and biases, encourage diversity, and take action to prevent and discourage discrimination.

Learning Resources outside of Bridge:

Cash handling policies and procedures from the Bursar

eSHOP Online training from Procurement Services

Job Specific Training via SAPPHIRE

Technology (application) Online Learning Resources

Environmental Health & Safety

Security Awareness Training from the Cybersecurity and Identity team, a division of Information Technology Services, offers free online IT Security awareness training for faculty, staff, and student workers.

Request Diversity Education

Personal Development Programs provided by the Employee Assistance Program (parenting, marriage, care-givers, etc.)

Personal Wellness Programs and Personal Training from Campus Recreation

REACH Training for suicide prevention