Pre-Retirement Seminar

In our desire to protect everyone’s health and wellbeing, we have made the decision to cancel the April 14 Pre-Retirement seminar. 

If you have questions about retirement, we are still available and happy to help you.  Please call or email our office and we can set up an appointment with you via Zoom.  We are available via phone at 402-472-2600, Zoom or email ( whichever makes you more comfortable.  Also, the pre-retirement session held this past fall was recorded and is available at the bottom of this webpage. 

If you have questions regarding income planning after retirement, please contact our vendors.  If you would like to make an appointment you can call Fidelity at 1-800-642-7131 or TIAA at 1-800-732-8353.  If you have questions regarding Medicare, we encourage you to contact Aging Partners at 402-441-7070.

Recordings from the October 1, 2019 Pre-Retirement Seminar below: