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Staff Directory

401 Canfield Administration Building South (ADMS)
501 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68588-0436
phone icon402-472-3101 | 402-472-9040 (fax)
  • Bruce Currin, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Benefits & Retirement, 402-472-2600 | 

Employment & Compensation, 402-472-3101 |Compensation: |Employment:

Employee Relations, 402-472-3101 |

Employee Assistance Program, 128 501 (0020) | phone icon402-472-3107 or  888-445-9881 |

HR Engagement & Training, 402-472-3101 |

Payroll Operations & Risk Management, 402-472-2010 | 402-472-2804 (fax) | |

  • Jo Bialas, Director of Payroll Services & Risk Management 
  • Chris Tran, Assistant Director of Risk Management & Director of Benefits, Worker's Comp Administrator
  • Cynthia Hruza, Payroll Manager (compliance, payroll uploads, special check requests, overpayments, and training)
  • Tricia Stelling, Assistant Payroll Manager (general payroll questions, payroll reports, payroll uploads, and security requests)
  • Nicole Adkins, Non-Resident Alien Payroll Specialist (foreign student/staff/faculty activities, tax treaties, 1042S statements, and requests for Tax Identification Numbers)

Monthly Payroll Team

  • Melissa Hauck-Cooper, Payroll Technician (Managerial/Professional & Grad PAFs, Deduction Requests)
  • Sibyl Wood, Payroll Technician (Temp Academic PAFs, Garnishments, Database Reports)
  • Beth Farleigh, Payroll Technician (Post Docs, Lecturer, Research Asst. Professor PAFs)

Biweekly Payroll Team

  • Soheila Noureddini, Lead Payroll Specialist, Team Leader (Bi-weekly PAFs and edits)
  • Joan Sampson, Payroll Technician (Bi-weekly PAFs and off-campus time entry)
  • Scott Burgess, Payroll Technician (ACH returns, PAFs for affiliates, and bi-weekly PAFs)
  • Jennifer House, Payroll Technician (Receptionist, replacement tax forms and general questions)