Staff Directory

407 Canfield Administration Building South (ADMS)
501 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68588-0438
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Bruce Currin, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
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Developing the University's Most Valuable Resource

Our vision
We lead the campus through strategic planning, development, and implementation of systems that provide comprehensive human resource services for all departments, faculty, and staff.
Our mission
We serve our clients with competency, creativity, and empathy. We nurture a culture that fosters growth, diversity, mutual respect, and dignity. We create an environment that achieves excellence through quality, efficiency, professional ethics, and teamwork.

Staff Diversity & Inclusion

407 Canfield Administration Building South (ADMS)
Lincoln, NE 68588-0438
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Assist and collaborate with colleges and departments in their efforts to recruit and retain diverse staff.

Monitor the recruiting, hiring, advancement and retention efforts of staff at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Through education, create an environment for effective cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural engagement and respect of individual differences in the staff community.

Create a welcoming community that is inclusive, nurturing, respectful, supportive, and that fosters inclusive excellence.

Share best practices that advance diversity, inclusion and cultural intelligences. 

Karen Kassebaum, Ph.D., Director of Staff Diversity & Inclusion
402-472-3104 |

Employment & Compensation

407 Canfield Administration Building South (ADMS)
Lincoln, NE 68588-0438
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The Employment section advertises job openings, accepts and screens applications for Office/Service positions, and sends appointments confirmation letters for Managerial/Professional positions. The Employment section can also provide career services to all employees and candidates-selection assistance to supervisors.

This Compensation section of Human Resources reviews position descriptions, assigns paygrades to positions, and answers questions about overtime eligibility and other pay issues.

Layton Brooks, Director of Employment & Compensation, and Employee Relations
402-472-8076 |

Jim Fischer, Assistant Director of Employment & Compensation
402-472-8034 |

Charlotte Frank, Senior HR Facilitator
402-472-8035 |

Kelly D. White, Assistant Director of Employee Relations / Senior HR Facilitator
402-472-9849 |

Marcy Neeman, HR Facilitator
402-472-8042 |

Susan Wendling, Employment & Compensation Associate
402-472-8041 |

Jeff Norris, Senior HR Facilitator
402-472-8045 |

Julie Singh, Senior HR Facilitator
402-472-5247 |

Employee Relations

407 Canfield Administration Building South (ADMS)
Lincoln, NE 68588-0438
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You may contact the Employee Relations section if you have questions about policies and procedures. Employee Relations personnel can also assist you with resolving problems within the workplace and offer assistance with performance evaluations and corrective or disciplinary action. You may call the Employee Relations section if you want information on training opportunities available at the university.

Layton Brooks, Director of Employment & Compensation, and Employee Relations
402-472-8076 |

Kelly D. White,  Asst Director of Employment & Compensation/Senior HR Facilitator
402-472-9849 |

Calvin Sandidge, HR Technician/Workers Compensation Administrator
402-472-5250 |

Marsha Brown, HR Assistant
402-472-3106 |

Benefits, Retirement, and Risk Management

32 Canfield Administration Building North (ADMN)
Lincoln, NE 68588-0409
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The Insured Benefits section administers insurance program, such as health and dental insurance, and reimbursement accounts. This section also administers the retirement program and handles unemployment and workers' compensation claims. Call this office if you need travel insurance or have questions about liability insurance coverage. Please review the New Employee Orientation Insured Benefits website for additional information on the services offered by this office.

Gayle Page, Director of Benefits & Risk Management
402-472-8641 |

Adrienne Blake, Benefits Assistant
402-472-8048 |

Michelle Martin, Benefits Assistant
402-472-4589 |

Diane Fry, Benefits Assistant
402-472-0937 |

Employee Assistance Program

501 Stadium Drive, Room 128
Lincoln, NE 68588
phone icon402-472-3107 | Toll Free: 888-445-9881 | 402-472-8381 (fax)

This program offers no-cost,short term mental health and substance abuse counseling and referral services to employees and immediate family members. You may also call for assistance with any personal, family, or work related problem you may have. Family members may also confidentially contact the EAP free of charge. The EAP can also help with workplace conflict. The EAP can coach supervisors on how to refer employees who they think may benefit from EAP services. The EAP also administers the Emergency Loan Fund, a financial assistance program available to employees who have completed original probation.

Kyla Gorji, Director of Employee Assistance Program
402-472-3107 |

Valerie K. Williams, EAP Counselor/Trainer
402-472-3107 |

Betsy Tolliver, EAP Associate
402-472-3107 |

Payroll Services

401 Canfield Administration Building South (ADMS)
501 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68588-0436
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We are committed to excellence and dedicated to service by:

  • delivering timely and accurate administration of the payroll in accordance with federal, state and university rules, regulations and policies
  • supporting the ongoing development of the payroll processing system
  • training staff and updating the campus as to changes in rules, regulations and policies
  • promoting the use of electronic methods for transactions and payments
  • providing accurate information and prompt services to the employees and the campus
Jo Bialas, Director of Business Operations
402-472-8611 |

Cynthia Hruza, Payroll Manager (compliance, payroll uploads, special check requests, overpayments, and training)
402-472-3128 |

Tricia Stelling, Assistant Payroll Manager (general payroll questions, payroll reports, payroll uploads, and security requests)
402-472-3151 |

Pat Smith, Non-Resident Alien Payroll Specialist (foreign student/staff/faculty activities, tax treaties, 1042S statements, and requests for Tax Identification Numbers)
402-472-2010 |

Monthly Payroll Team

Carol Neal, Lead Payroll Specialist, Team Leader (PAFs for faculty and monthly Managerial/Professional)
402-472-0078 |

Nicole Adkins, Payroll Technician (foreign student/staff/faculty activities, database reports, and garnishments)
402-472-0604 | 

Melissa Hauck-Cooper, Payroll Technician (foreign student/staff/faculty activities, database reports, and garnishments)
402-472-8793 |

Svetlana Chistopolskaya, Payroll Analyst (IANR PAFs and IANR payroll questions)
402-472-7636 |

Bi-Weekly Payroll Team

Soheila Noureddini, Lead Payroll Specialist, Team Leader (Bi-weekly PAFs and edits)
402-472-1121 |

Joan Sampson, Payroll Technician (Bi-weekly PAFs and and off-campus time entry)
402-472-8606 |

Scott Burgess, Payroll Technician (ACH returns, PAFs for affiliates, and bi-weekly PAFs)
402-472-5870 |

Tina Ahrens, Payroll Specialist (IANR PAFs and IANR payroll questions)
402-472-2856 |

Jennifer House, Payroll Technician (replacement tax forms and general questions)
402-472-2033 |


407 Canfield Administration Building South (ADMS)
Lincoln, NE 68588-0438
phone icon402-472-3104 | 402-472-9040 (fax)

The staff Ombudsperson is available to employees who have been unable to solve a problem within their departments or through established channels. The Ombudsperson, though not empowered to change policy, may be able to facilitate the handling of a problem or may direct employees to the person most likely to help. Discussions with th Staff Ombudsperson are confidential. The ombudsperson is available during normal university hours or at other times by special arrangement.

Layton Brooks, Director of Employment & Compensation, and Director of  Employee Relations
402-472-8076 |