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Supervisor Resources

Principles for Human Resources Management
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The following reflects the values and principles to which university leaders aspire in their daily activities and interactions with members of the office/service and managerial/staff.

We believe that the strength of the organization is in its people.

We value integrity and honest communication, and we declare them to be guiding principles in managing the human resources of the campus community.

We value and embrace differences in people and cultures, recognizing that such differences are vital to the excitement and challenges of an academic environment.

We serve many people-including students, faculty, staff, and others-and we make their needs our highest priority.

We value a healthful and safe work environment that supports people working together to achieve the goals of the organization.

We are committed to providing a fair reward structure to employees.

We value every employee's contributions, we expect every employee to meet established performance expectations, and we work to encourage excellence in a variety of ways:

  • we treat every person with respect
  • we give ongoing informal feedback about performance
  • we give formal feedback about performance at least once each year

We support career and professional growth by allowing reasonable time away from work to attend workshops and seminars and by encouraging employees to attend academic classes.

We recognize that work is only one aspect of a person's life, and we support employee efforts to balance their personal and professional lives:

  • we provide opportunities for non-traditional work arrangements when it is possible to do so without compromising work efficiency or productivity
  • we support employee efforts to maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health.

Hiring Guide & Tools

The reference guides are designed to assist you in the hiring process and ensure compliance with Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity requirements. The tools are to assist supervisors in their role as hiring managers and enhance their overall knowledge of the hiring and recruitment process.

Hiring Toolbox


PeopleAdmin is our web-based system used to maintain position descriptions and manage the employment process. To setup an account and learn how to use, please see our PeopleAdmin webpage.

About PeopleAdmin   Go to PeopleAdmin

Onboarding New Employee FAQs

Frequently asked questions about bringing a new employee on board.

Onboarding FAQs

Salary Administration & Compensation

NU Values is the compensation and performance management system covering the M/P and O/S employees of the University of Nebraska. Supervisors are key to the success of NU Values. NU Values enhances creativity, decision-making and flexibility in career management for both the supervisor and the employee.

NU Values Salary Administration

Performance Management & Evaluation

Performance management is a partnership between an employee and their supervisor to optimize performance, build effective feedback and communication, enhance employee growth and development, and develop goals that are consistent with department/college strategic plans.

Performance Management & Evaluation

Retention & Engagement Guide

Professional Development Planning

Understanding Work Schedules & Rest Periods

Employees must follow established work schedules. The usual work schedule is 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday. Normal work hours at the university are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Learn about more flextime, compensable work time, overtime (paid and compensatory) and shift differential.

Work Schedules & Rest Periods

Risk Management

The role of Risk Management is to protect and conserve the human, property, and financial resources of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. To this end the university uses a variety of financing methods that include self-insurance and commercial insurance.

Risk Management

Employee Offboarding

Offboarding is the process of an individual leaving the university either voluntarily or non-voluntarily. If there is to be a Reduction-in-Force, contact Employee Relations at 402-472-3101. 

Read Building a Committed and Effective Workforce at UNL by Strengthening the Skills of Supervisors and Managers

Employee Relations can assist you when:

  • You want to discuss methods for motivating employees
  • You are anticipating corrective action/dismissal for an employee
  • There is a conflict at the work site
  • You need help with interpretation of Human Resources policy
  • You have questions about performance evaluations, supervisory training, the university grievance process, or Reduction In Force