Salary Administration (Compensation)

The University of Nebraska Salary Administration and Compensation Program is directed by the university-wide NU Values Administration Policy.

NU Values is the compensation and performance management system covering the managerial/professional and office/service employees of the University of Nebraska. This system organizes positions at the University into fifteen job families. It allows the University to be more competitive by enabling Human Resources to align family pay scales with the labor market pay scales. It is an open, flexible system that presents employees and supervisors with clear objectives and paths for career growth. Its goal is to empower employees to increase personal responsibility for job accomplishments.

Supervisors are key to the success of NU Values. They take an active role in defining jobs and implementing career growth, training and development and effective performance management. Supervisors have a greater interactive leadership capacity within their unit. NU Values enhances creativity, decision-making and flexibility in career management for both the supervisor and the employee.

Utilized properly, NU Values increases effectiveness and efficiency of staff, actively rewards individual and team strengths, addresses weaknesses and aligns individual and departmental activities with organizational priorities and directions. Organizational unit leaders and administrators are responsible for making decisions that are in compliance with employment laws, regulations and university policies.

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