Employment and Mortgage Verifications

Employment and Mortgage Verifications will only affirm employee information including

  • employee status,
  • dates of hire, and
  • most recent salary if requested.

We will not release performance appraisals and/or related performance, character-based assessments, probably of continued employment, reason for leaving employment or eligibility for rehire information.


  1. Verification of employment must be accompanied by a signed authorization and recent signature date of the current or former employee.
  2. Send verification with authorization to our office by fax (402.472.9040) or email (hroffice@unl.edu). We will not complete verbal verifications.
  3. Verifications are completed within 72 hours upon receipt. 

Please do not send duplicate requests or call to verify the request has been received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can request for verifications be sent by contacting other Human Resources phone numbers or emails?No. Request for verifications may be sent to only the e-mail and fax address above.
When faxing a request should I put ATTENTION to?No. No attention to is required. If you wish, you may put ATTENTION to: Human Resources.
Should I call to verify the employment verification has been received?No. If you have submitted your request to the outlined email or fax, it has been received.
How long does it take to process a verification?Typical turnaround time is 72 hours from the time of receipt.