Applying for Employment at the University

How old do I have to be to apply for a job at the university?You must be at least 16 years of age to be eligible for employment at the university.
May I complete an application to have available to apply for future job postings?No. You must first identify the specific job posting you want to apply for. At the top of a posting click on Apply to this Job. You will then be prompted to either create an account or log-in to a previously created account. Once you have logged in, the appropriate application materials will appear. You will also be given the opportunity to use a previous application to apply for a job.
Do I have to submit a new application every time I want to apply for a position?No. You may use an application you have on file in the system. To access that application, you must first identify the specific job posting you want to apply for. You will then be given the opportunity to use/edit that application to apply for the desired job posting.
Is there a deadline to apply for a position that I am interested in?To assure consideration apply before the review date listed on the job posting.
Can I attach a resume or cover letter to my application?You may attach a resume or cover letter only when the posted job indicates that you are either required to attach a resume and cover letter, or are allowed to attach them. Typically, only Managerial/Professional postings allow a resume to be attached.
Can I go to the Employment Office to apply for jobs?he Employment Office, located in Room 407 of the Canfield Administration Building at 14th & R streets, has a computer dedicated to on-line applicant use.

Post-hiring Status

Are probationary periods required?All newly hired regular staff employees (Office/Service and Managerial/Professional) serve a six-month original probationary period. The probationary period is an extension of the selection process and is used to determine an employee’s suitability for employment at the university. When an employee’s original probationary period draws to a close, a performance evaluation is completed.
When can I start my benefits (health/life/dental insurance)?The first day of the first full-month of employment. If hired on the first day of a month, then benefits will begin that day.
As a new employee, when can I start tuition remission?Full-time regular employees must be in a pay status on the first day of classes to be eligible.