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Your First Day or Before

The steps below will guide you through the process of setting up your access to services throughout the university system. All of these steps can be completed as soon as you receive your Nebraska University Identification (NUID), even if it is before you arrive on campus. Services will be activated within 24–48 hours after you claim or activate each process. 

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1. Obtain Your NUID The NUID is a unique 8-digit number created for you. Your department will provide you with your NUID or you may look it up by visiting the website.

2. Claim Your Online Identity Click the button below to claim your online identity and set the passwords for your TrueYou and MyUNL accounts. TrueYou credentials are used at all University of Nebraska campuses and Nebraska State Colleges to access the Student Information System, SAP and Firefly. Your MyUNL login is used to accesses online services provided by the university (e.g. email) services.
Claim My Online Identity
  1. Go to
  2. Click the Claim Your ID button.
  3. Enter your NUID and the email you used when you applied for the position (or your Social Security Number). Click the Next button.
    If you do not know your NUID, click the Look Up Your NUID? link and provide the requested information. Click Lookup Account ID and write down your NUID and click Return Home. This will take to you back to step #2 above.
  4. Complete the fields for setting your password and authentication answers, then click the Submit button. You will see a list of your accounts at the bottom of this page.
  5. You should see "Success" on the screen. If the screen reads, "Failed," please contact the Huskertech Help Center at 402-472-3970.
3. Activate/Enable Other Services Obtain your NCard by completing the online application the day after your NUID has been generated. The NCard serves as the official identification card as well as provides access to services on campus.

Complete the Online NCard Application

Activate your email (available the day after you have claimed your identity). You may want to consult with your department's tech support for assistance first.

If you have a student or alumni account it will merge with your new faculty/staff account upon activation of your appointment. You will still be able to receive email, but all messages you send will come from your address. If you do not want these email accounts combined, contact the Huskertech Help Center at 402-472-3970 before activating your Office 365 account and ask for a specialist to help you with archiving or closing your account. Both your and email contents are subject to the university’s employee services provisioning timeline. 


  1. Login using your MyUNL credentials.
  2. A webpage will display your identity and account information.
  3. You may choose a preferred email address (alias) at this time. It's common to use your (e.g.

Ask your department about other services you may need:

4. Plan your commute to campus Auto—Purchase a parking permit in person at 625 Stadium Drive, Suite A, or online. New permit purchase must occur when first parking on campus as an employee and can be paid through payroll deduction.

City Bus—Bus passes for StarTran are available at no cost if you purchase a regular university parking permit or can be purchased in person at 625 Stadium Drive, Suite A or online

Bicycle—If you bike to campus, please register your bike with the UPD and LPD. Read about the university’s bike policy and regulations.

Download the Nebraska app which includes campus maps. Android and iOS devices are supported.

(Optional) Plan for childcare or lactation support There are a number of resources available to you while working on campus.