Exit Interview and Exit Survey Process

The Exit Interview and Survey process provides the university with a valuable source of information to assist in assessing the overall quality of the work environment.

There are various options to gather information from an employee who is leaving and this may be completed at the unit, campus or university level. Gathering exit information can occur during an in-person meeting, by completing a survey form, and during an in-person meeting focusing on discussing a survey form.

The employee may choose to communicate information that will be shared with unit leadership and other university leaders or may choose to specify who the information is shared with.

At the Unit Level Employee may contact their supervisor or their unit's HR/Business Office to determine if the unit has an exit interview process or survey form to use.

In Person Exit Interview at Unit

Units are encouraged to offer exit interviews in person to gain a broader understanding of employee experience, unit culture, employee morale, and assist with retention and employee engagement. Units may use the Sample Exit Interview Guide for this discussion.

Survey Form

Units may provide an employee an Exit Interview Survey to complete which will be reviewed by unit leadership.

Information obtained should be discussed with unit leadership as requested by the employee or as determined by unit process.

At the Campus Level Employee may choose to connect with UNL Human Resources only, or in addition to the unit's process.

Survey Form

The employee may complete an Exit Interview Survey and provide the completed form to UNL HR at hroffice@unl.edu or in person at 401 Canfield Administration Building South, 501 N. 14th Street, Lincoln, NE 68588.

  • A survey form can be completed anonymously; however, employees should be aware that it is very difficult to guarantee total confidentiality and anonymity once a form is completed, and this is not the most effective or helpful process when the purpose of the survey is to help the university improve.
  • The employee will have an option to provide a copy to their unit supervisor and/or leadership.
  • The employee will have the option to request a meeting with UNL HR to discuss the completed survey form.

Should the employee request UNL HR not share some or all of the information from the in-person exit interview, this information will not be shared, except in cases where university policies or laws require.