Performance Engagement

NU Values compensation and performance engagement system is based on competencies. A Competency is the combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal attributes that contribute to enhanced employee performance and overall organizational success.

Performance Engagement is the process by which employees and their supervisors set goals and expectations for performance that connects the job to department and University mission.

With NU Values performance engagement system, performance reviews will be tailored to types of jobs. It will measure employees' performance against identified specific observable competencies and behaviors appropriate for the job.

Both the NU Values performance engagement process and forms are designed to:

  • Provide employees with clear understanding of their supervisor's expectations of them,
  • Enhance employees' chance at succeeding at their jobs
  • Enhance employees' chance at being rewarded based on performance
  • Enhance opportunities for employees to grow in their career at the University

Performance engagement process starts with setting clear expectations, continues with ongoing coaching and feedback (both constructive and positive), includes documentation for accurate recall and the process "ends" before starting a new cycle, with a formal performance review, a summary of what happened in the review period.