Employee Assistance Program

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln's Employee Assistance Program is a confidential service offered to university employees and their immediate family members at no charge. Consultation and counseling are available to help with personal or work related problems that can affect general well being, work performance, or academic performance.

501 Stadium Drive, Room 128
Lincoln, NE 68588-0020
402-472-3107 | Toll Free: 888-445-9881 | 402-472-8381 (fax)

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account-group-1(users) Practitioners

Kyla Gorji, LIMHP, CEAP - Director
Valerie K. Williams, LIMHP - Counselor

The employee assistance professionals are experienced clinicians who hold advanced degrees and are fully licensed by the State of Nebraska with specializations in work performance improvement and consultation.

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Schedule an in-person, online or phone counseling session by calling or emailing our office. Appointments are available Monday through Friday including the lunch hour with some limited evening appointments.

501 Stadium Drive, Room 128
Lincoln, NE 68588-0020
402-472-3107 | Toll Free: 888-445-9881 | 402-472-8381 (fax)

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Leave Provisions

If you are referred by your supervisor and/or choose to inform your supervisor of your EAP appointment, you are eligible to use administrative leave up to a maximum of five hours per calendar year or you may arrange to use vacation or sick leave.

person and lockConfidentiality of EAP clients is protected by law except in certain imminent life-threatening circumstances, including child and elder abuse, suicide, or threats of harm to others.

Services Provided

Counseling, Assessment, and/or Referral

We provide confidential assessment, short term counseling and referral for university employees and their immediate family members. Examples of issues addressed in EAP counseling include relationship issues, personal or family crisis, alcohol or drug problems, workplace conflict, financial worries, grief, stress, anxiety, depression and other personal concerns. Many situations can be assisted within a few visits at the EAP. If additional or specialized service is necessary, your EAP counselor will work with you to determine the most appropriate, affordable referral.

Mediation/Conflict Resolution

When an objective third party is needed to help resolve interpersonal conflicts within the workplace, we provide mediation services to assist in fostering effective communication and problem-solving.

Employee Emergency Loan Fund

The EAP administers a loan fund designed to assist non-probationary, regular employees in financial crisis who have no other means of obtaining financial assistance in an emergency. All of the money in this fund has been donated by university employees.

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Trauma Debriefing

We are available to provide assistance in individual sessions or groups to those who have been exposed to a traumatic event. After experiencing trauma, it is common to experience some emotional and physical symptoms. If treated within 72 hours, these symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.

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Workplace Services for Managers and Supervisors

Management consultation for supervisors regarding an employee's work performance that may be affected by personal problems, and help with workplace conflict resolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the EAP

Additional Services

Find your Calm, Restore your Zenergy
Learn to relax, be mindful, breathe, or meditate in a calm quiet space at the Employee Assistance Program.
Parenting classes with Love and Logic
Consists of 6-7 classes and is offered once per semester
Marriage education - The Seven Principles Program
Consists of a seven week educational and experiential class designed for ALL couples in a committed relationship.
Reach out to Prevent Suicide
Online presentation teaches you to learn to recognize the warning signs and where to go for help.
Smoking Cessation Support
Can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the participant by offering to meet individually, to meet with 2-3 participants, or by offering larger group support.
Cancer Support
For employees and their family members at the time of a cancer diagnosis and throughout the cancer treatment process


Care Givers Support
Provides opportunities for participants to gain information, understanding, and support from others experiencing similar situations concerning aging parents or family members with health problems. Visit the Lincoln Caregivers Education Facebook page.
Respite Care information from the State of Nebraska
Respite care, planned or emergency, is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members with special needs.
Aging Partners of Lincoln, Nebraska
Aging Partners plans, coordinates and advocates for older people in our eight-county area. Their mission is to enhance daily living, expand personal choices and educate the community in an effort to ensure the independence and full life of the people they serve.
Work and Family Life
Resources a variety of resources for work and family life.
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