Crisis Leave Program

Questions about crisis leave may be directed to Human Resources at 402-472-3101.

Crisis Leave Request and Procedures

  1. Complete a Crisis Leave Request Form and give to your supervisor. Only regular employees having completed original probation earn vacation and sick leave are eligible to receive crisis leave. This would exclude most nine month academic appointments.
  2. Supervisor verifies that all paid leave is exhausted. If request is approved, gives request to dean or director; if request is denied, returns form to employee.
  3. Dean or director reviews. If request is approved, forwards to Human Resources; if request is denied, returns form to employee with copy to supervisor.
  4. Human Resources approves or denies request and contacts supervisor via phone and faxes signed request back to supervisor.
  5. Supervisor works with time and attendance clerk to credit employee's vacation leave balance with the approved crisis leave days.
  6. Human Resources maintain original records for the Crisis Leave program.

Crisis Leave Donation

Eligible employees at the university may choose to donate vacation leave to a crisis leave pool that will be available to eligible employees who have exhausted all available sick and vacation leave because of a personal crisis.

Regular employees (those who have completed original probation) who earn vacation leave may donate to the crisis leave pool up to three accrued vacation days per calendar year. Under exceptional circumstances an employee may donate up to five days per calendar year.


See also: Crisis Leave Policy