Employment Relationship

Human Resources, applies to office/service and managerial/professional employees at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Some policies may also apply to academic/administrative where indicated.

At-Will Employment

Unless otherwise specified in a written appointment or in a written contract of employment approved by the university, office/service and managerial/professional employees are employed at the will of university and, with the advance notice prescribed in Resignation and Dismissal, the university may dissolve the employment relationship for any reason that is not otherwise unlawful without the necessity of showing cause for such action. The university may also dissolve the employment relationship for cause as provided in Conduct, Corrective Action, and Dismissal for Cause.

Employee Responsibility

The responsibility of all university employees is to the institution rather than to the direct supervisor or to any other individual. Therefore, it is inappropriate for a supervisor to expect an employee to perform work that would be considered as personal or work other than that related to carrying out the role and mission of the department and/or the university.

Employees performing work that could be construed as personal should do it on non-work hours and should receive pay from the person for whom the work is being done.