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Outside Professional Activity

Managerial/professional employees are encouraged to engage in professional activities outside of the university to broaden their experience and to keep abreast of developments in their specialized areas. Such activities may not interfere with regular duties or represent a conflict of interest.

Employees may accept temporary or occasional employment in the course of such professional activities. Before employees engage in any outside professional activity for pay (during working hours or nonworking hours), they should have approval from the department, the appropriate dean or director, and the chancellor or the chancellor's designee. To secure approval, complete the online Interest and Outside Activity Form.

For some kinds of outside professional activity, specific approval of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska is required. Approval of the Regents, using the same permission form, is required before employees may:

  • Accept retainer fees or other remuneration on a permanent or yearly basis as professional consultants.
  • Accept professional employment requiring more than an average of two days per month during the period of their full-time employment.
  • Charge fees for work performed in University buildings and/or with University equipment and materials.
  • Provide professional services for remuneration to University departments or agencies of state government.