The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Do you want to learn how to become a “master couple” and create a lifetime of love built on deep friendship, healthy conflict, and shared meaning?

Based on the internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman, the Seven Principles program will give you new insights and research based relationship skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you resolve conflict in a healthy productive way.

It will help couples learn how to:

  • Improve friendship, fondness and admiration
  • Enhance romance and intimacy
  • Manage conflict constructively
  • Gain skills to address perpetual and solvable problems
  • Create shared meaning

This seven week educational and experiential class is designed for ALL couples in a committed relationship. Registration is required with a one-time materials fee of $49. Participants will receive the Seven Principles Couples Set, which includes Gottman’s most valuable tools for couples:  two Couples Guides, one copy of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, and Love Map and Open-Ended Questions card decks.