UMR LogoIt's here! The new UMR mobile app is now live and available for download through the Google Play and Apple App Store. It appears in the app store as: UMR | Health.

The UMR app has a smart fresh look, simple navigation, and faster access to your health care benefits information. View your plan details on demand - anytime, anywhere.Welcome to a smarter, simpler, faster way to manage your health care benefits

With a single tap, you can:

  • Access your digital ID card
  • Look up in-network health care providers
  • Keep up to date with information about your health account balances
  • See how much you've paid toward your deductible
  • Find out if there's a co-pay for your upcoming appointment
  • View your recent medical and dental claims
  • Chat, call or message UMR's member support team

The app includes a secure login process with HealthSafe ID to stay current with the latest security protocols and provide a better user experience.

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