Employing departments are responsible for monitoring the use of administrative leave.

For Employee Organizational Activity

Employees wishing to participate during work hours in activities of Academic Senate, UAAD, or UNOPA should use regular procedures to request leave. When departments grant leave for this purpose, it is granted as administrative leave. Normally, leave is granted for attendance at monthly meetings when the meeting time extends beyond the lunch hour. Administrative leave may also be granted to allow employees to participate in committee work or to engage in leadership roles of the organizations.

For Interviews

An employee will receive administrative leave of up to ten hours per calendar year for job interviews for university positions. At the discretion of the dean or director of the work unit, and with the approval of Human Resources, the employee may receive more than ten hours. Employees requesting administrative leave should try to arrange interviews to cause the least work disruption. Administrative leave will not be granted for interviews outside the university.

For Consulting or Outside Professional Activity 

Managerial/professional employees may request approval for administrative leave for professional activity outside the university by completing the NuRamp COI/COC Annual Disclosure Form online. 

For EAP Appointments

If an employee is referred by their supervisor and/or choose to inform their supervisor of their EAP appointment, they are eligible to use administrative leave up to a maximum of five (5) hours per calendar year.