Civil Leave

Civil leave is granted to employees when they are called for participation in the legal process, including jury duty and witness responsibility. Temporary and part-time employees are granted civil leave for regularly scheduled work hours.

  • An employee on call for jury duty will return to work on a daily basis when not serving as a juror. An employee may keep pay for jury duty in addition to receiving UNL pay.
  • Time spent by an employee appearing in court as a function of employment shall be considered as hours worked. All witness fees and reimbursements received as a result of these court appearances shall be given to UNL.
  • An employee attending court as a plaintiff, defendant, or witness on a nonwork-related matter may use vacation leave.
  • When an employee is subpoenaed for a court appearance on any matter, the department shall grant civil leave. Any witness fees paid to the employee on civil leave shall be given to UNL.

Civil leave will be granted when an employee serves on an election board. To request civil leave an employee must present written evidence of an appointment to serve as a judge or clerk of election or as a precinct or district inspector. Such an employee may keep pay received from the county for this service.

Up to two hours of civil leave may be granted to vote in public elections, if circumstances prevent an employee from voting at any other time.

Civil leave will be granted when an employee is needed in a civil-defense effort or in a community effort in response to a natural disaster, the specific intent and purpose of which is to promote and ensure the safety and health of the general public.

An employee who is a certified disaster service volunteer of the American Red Cross may, with the authorization of his or her supervisor, be granted civil leave not to exceed fifteen working days in each year to participate in specialized disaster relief services in Nebraska for the American Red Cross, upon the request of the American Red Cross, without loss of pay, vacation leave, sick leave, or earned overtime accumulation.