Updated: May 2019

I. Statement of Principle

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln recognizes the importance of supporting mothers who breastfeed or express milk while they are on campus, and is committed to providing private, accessible, and comfortable lactation rooms available to its employees, students and visitors.

II. Policy Details

  1. The university is responsible for providing:
    1. Time for the purpose of lactation. Supervisors will allow employees reasonable time off from their normally scheduled work time for the purpose of lactation. Mothers should coordinate time needed for lactation with their supervisor. Time needed beyond one year should be coordinated with the supervisor.

      Time used for the purpose of lactation is considered work time.  Mothers will not be required to use any paid leave, make up the time off from work, or adjust their start/end time to their work schedule. It is considered reasonable to allow time off any time during the workday, including beyond a normal paid rest period or unpaid lunch break. The amount of time will vary depending on the needs of the mother, child and room location.

    2. Lactation rooms are to be private, dedicated spaces that are free from intrusion and shielded from view but accessible for use during regular building hours. They may be located near, but not in or accessed through bathrooms. Lactation rooms are required to be clearly labeled with appropriate signage, so they are easy to find. Rooms which require users to contact someone to schedule and/or arrange access must be clearly labeled with this information.

      Each space is equipped with a comfortable chair, a side table, sink and countertop, paper towel dispenser, two electrical outlets and a lockable door with occupancy indicator. Some spaces may not have a sink when operating as a temporary accommodation but should be located near an operable sink within a reasonable distance as determined by the University Code Official.

      The university is making every effort to identify rooms that can be designated for lactation in new buildings and building renovations as part of the planning process.

  2. The nursing mother is responsible for bringing their own equipment and cleaning up the space after each use.

View map of Lactation Rooms on campus.
For more information and resources, see Childcare & Lactation Support.