Leave of Absence Without Pay

Regular employees, including those on corrective probation, may be granted leave of absence without pay with approval of the employing department and Human Resources. Such leave may be granted for a maximum of one year.

A leave of absence ensures the employee the same or a similar job upon returning to the university. The department is responsible for working with the employee to document the agreement in advance of the leave.

All accrued vacation leave must be used before the effective date of a leave of absence. Except for family/medical leave and certain instances involving military leave, an employee who has an accrued vacation balance will not be granted leave without pay. Departments may, however, choose not to pay an employee for an absence that is not appropriately requested or approved.

Compensatory time must be taken or paid out before a leave without pay.

Sick leave and vacation leave do not accrue during a leave of absence without pay.

Insurance benefits may be continued during a leave of absence with the employee paying the entire premium. Employees should contact the Benefits Office (472-2600) prior to the leave for further information. For employees on family/medical leave the University's contribution to insurance benefits will continue.

It is the department's responsibility to document a leave of absence with a PAF and to adjust the service date to reflect any leave of absence longer than 14 calendar days.