Workers' Compensation & Injury Leave

Employees who are eligible to receive workers' compensation (including temporary employees) are entitled to work-related injury leave with full pay for up to five scheduled workdays (40 hours or normal number of hours scheduled in a week). This leave, for illness or injury arising out of and in the course of employment, is not charged to vacation leave or sick leave.

Absence from work of five days or more due to a work-related injury will reduce the 12 weeks of eligibility for family/medical leave.

Employees receiving workers' compensation for job-related injuries or disease may use sick and/or vacation leave to supplement the payment up to, but not to exceed, their regular rate of pay.

After all sick and vacation leave has been exhausted, employees are not entitled to leave or pay benefits other than workers' compensation. Employees may be put into a leave without pay status during this time without adjustment in the service date.

For a regular employee disabled with a work-related injury, a position will be held open as long as the department can function with the vacant position. At some point (not later than one year after the date of injury) the employee, if unable to return to work, will be separated from the university. If during the one-year period following the injury the separated employee is released by the attending physician for any kind of work duty, the employee will be entitled to benefits under the reduction-in-force policy.

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