How Competencies are Used

At the university, competencies are the foundation for the compensation and performance engagement programs. The university's philosophy in recognizing and rewarding specific competencies is the key to the university's continued and growing success. Accordingly, development and proficiency of competencies leads to:

  • Distribution of monetary awards through salary adjustments.
  • Creation of employee development and succession planning opportunities.
  • Development of customized training modules and identification of already available training programs.
  • Identification of critical selection criteria for candidates desiring employment at the University.

Because competencies are aligned to an organization's strategy, they were carefully selected. Accordingly, NU has identified and determined competencies that are critical to its short- and long-term success. These competencies are applicable to all managerial/professional and office/service jobs within the entire University. Definitions of competencies have been developed to ensure a common understanding of the competencies across campuses and organizational units within the University. Competencies were applied to each job family to develop performance engagement and measurement criteria for employees and will be used to ensure reliable and valid comparative data when reviewing candidates' credentials during the selection process. In order to have a clearer picture, the NU competencies are further defined in terms of specific behaviors (observable measures) and variable levels of expectation for each job family.