Human Resources COVID-19 Updates:
Our Response How to Keep Working & Stay Safe Self-Care

Life Events & Changes

Flexible work arrangements

  • When used appropriately, flexible scheduling for hourly paid employees can incorporate varying times for arriving at and leaving work and/or for lunch breaks long enough to give time for wellness activities. Because the university is committed to wellness for its employees, departments are encouraged to use flexible scheduling to facilitate employees' ability to engage in wellness activities when it is possible to do so without decreasing work efficiency.

Name/Address change

Change in marital or relationship status

  • Learn more about the steps to take and forms needed for marriage. After your date of marriage, you have 31 days to make adjustments and/or changes to your benefits.
  • Should you and your spouse get a divorce or legal separation, these things should be considered. You have 31 days after your divorce or legal separation to make adjustments and/or changes to your benefits.
  • Learn more about the Employee Plus One Benefits Program.
  • You can find the following forms on the NU Benefits website:  Benefits Change, Dependent Information Request, and the
    Assurity Life Beneficiary Designation (Standard & Trust).

Birth/Adoption/Guardianship of a child

Work-related injury

Serious illness of yourself or a loved one

  • Family/Medical Leaves of Absence may be used to address a serious health condition of the employee or employee's child, parent, or spouse, which prevents the employee from performing the essential functions of the job.
  • See also Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • If you need to talk or are looking for additional resources, contact the EAP.

Loss of a loved one

Called to duty (military and civil)

  • Military Leave is available to military personnel and provides paid military leave per calendar year, without regard to the specific nature of the military leave (e.g. active military duty, annual training, emergency assignment, assignments of an unspecified length). 
  • Civil leave is granted to employees when they are called for participation in the legal process, including jury duty and witness responsibility; when an employee serves on an election board; and up to two hours of civil leave may be granted to vote in public elections, if circumstances prevent an employee from voting at any other time.
  • See also Veteran & Military Families resources.

Spouse's Loss of Job/Insurance or Change of Employment

  • Whenever your spouse loses their job/insurance or changes employment (change of employers or change impacting eligibility), there are some factors to consider which will make the transition much smoother. As with any status change, you have 31 days after the date of the loss or change to make adjustments to your benefits. A Benefits Change Form and Dependent Information Request Form (if applicable) must be completed to enroll or make changes to your benefits. Learn more...

Crisis Leave

  • Crisis Leave is available for employees who have exhausted all of their available sick leave, vacation leave, and compensatory leave that is applicable to their crisis. Reasons to apply for crisis leave include the serious illness of the employee or their spouse, or the serious illness of the employee's child, stepchild, or parent, or a person bearing the same relationship to the employee's spouse.
  • See also Financial Support.

Leaving university employment

Leaving for other employment

  • Regular office/service employees who voluntarily terminate their employment shall give at least two weeks advance notice.
  • Employment of regular managerial/professional employees will terminate in accordance with the time stated in writing in an appointment to their position or in a written contract of employment; provided, if no time is stated in writing in an appointment or in a written contract of employment, employment may be terminated by either party giving the other party at least ninety days advance written notice of termination.
  • For full details and exemptions, see the Resignation and Dismissal policy.

Planning for retirement

Faculty Only

Leaves of Absence (applications available for a Leave of Absence, Leave of Absence with Full or Partial Pay Agreement, and Faculty Development Fellowship cover sheet)

Personal circumstances may prevent a faculty member in a tenure-leading position from performing at the level that is necessary to reach the high expectations of tenure within the timeframe of the probationary period. In such cases, an extension in the tenure clock may be appropriate.